Mission- Vision

The vision of Gazi University Disability Student Unit is to be a university where all individuals receive education, work and actively provide the necessary academic/social services with equal rights and opportunities in the principle of integration philosophy. Taking an innovative and pioneering role with academic and social studies to execute with different disciplines.

In line with this vision, our mission is;

  • Developing and disseminating physical areas suitable for integration purpose within the university.
  • Identifying problems related to special needs individuals studying at our university and organizing interdisciplinary researches and activities in the development of solution proposals.
  • In order to meet the needs of special needs students; to students, academic and administrative staff, to carry out awareness raising studies and to provide the necessary consultancy services.
  • To develop exemplary applications by collaborating with academicians who are experts in the field of special education.
  • To ensure and support the participation of individuals with special needs in social, cultural and sporting activities.
  • To help students with special needs independently advance their academic development by providing them with an environment equipped with supporting technologies.
  • To make education, training and examination environments suitable for individuals with special needs.
  • To organize conferences and symposiums on various subjects for the benefit of special needs students.
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