Disabled Student Unit The academic needs of students affected by inadequacy through the forms listed below (course and exam adaptations, etc.) aims to meet. The provision of services depends on the correct communication carried out between the student and the Decedent. Therefore, our students affected by inadequacy should pay attention to the following issues;

At the beginning of each semester, to contact the teaching staff of the courses they have registered for that semester, to inform the teaching staff about their needs by explaining their own situation.

To submit the current disability report to the counseling unit if they need warnings in the courses they take at the beginning of each semester.

Preparing the letters of Adaptation of teaching (you can obtain the forms by printing them from the web address of the advisory unit or by coming to the advisory unit) to the relevant instructor. To forward a copy of the form signed by the relevant lecturer and himself to the advisory unit.

To follow the current forms and announcements on the web address of the Disabled Student Unit.

To follow the messages sent to the e-mail address given when registering with the Disabled Student Unit, to share the change made in the e-mail address with the advisory unit.


You can access the relevant forms via the links below.

Teaching Adaptation Letter

Use of the Teaching Adaptation Letter

Service Request Form

Audio Recording Commitment

Photo Registration Commitment

Course Partner Commitment

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