About Us

Gazi University Help Desk for the Disabled has been established in order to render effective the academic, physical, psychological and social lives of the disabled students of our university and realize necessary arrangements. The unit serves under the Department of Health Culture and Sport and a psychological advisor serves within.

What kind of conveniences does Gazi University provide for the Academic life of the disabled students ?

In order to prevent academic failure of disabled students because of their disabilities, arrangements are made in our university concerning their academic process and examinations. Individual demands of our disabled students are taken into consideration while doing so.

Great precision is shown in terms of signalization projects, arrangements of stairs, traps, pavements and the physical state of buildings for the comfort of our disabled students.

How does the Help Desk for The Disabled facilitate the social lives of the disabled students ?

Gazi University Help Desk for the Disabled forms files for every disabled student at our University. Due to these files which have personal and academic information each student can be monitored individually.

Our volunteer students, students from social institutions and our personnel help our disabled students with problems we see that they regularly face.

Here are the problems our disabled students face frequently. If you face the same problems you can apply to the Help Desk for the Disabled immediately.

  • Difficulties in completing registries and forms,

  • Negative approaches from administrative personnel and academic members,

  • Difficulties in relations with friends and adaptation problems,

  • Problems they face regarding physical environments not being appropriate,

  • Problems they face regarding dormitories and transportation,

  • Being informed of and attending social and cultural activities,

  • Watching classes and taking notes,

  • Problems in acquiring class material,

  • Problems in getting ready for exams and being present at exams,

  • Problems in attending classes requiring physical abilities,

  • Problems in getting to dining hall and canteen facilities

Help Desk for the Disabled has established a network for the disabled in order for them to establish information flow and take part in social and cultural activities.

Coordination is made with necessary units to provide for the education needs of disabled students. Quotas are provided regarding food scholarships or work scholarships.

Volunteer reading audio books project was realized for the students to reach more books in cooperation with the Society of Community Volunteers. Audio books were prepared in professional measures by giving diction lessons to volunteer students.

Important studies are carried out in our university to raise awareness to the disabled in cooperation with the Society of Community Volunteers. Goalball tournament which can be described as an audio ball game, You’ve Got my Mind Project, Picnics and dinners for the disabled are some activities which enrich the lives of the disabled community within and outside of our university.

The efforts to establish the “Undisabled Gazi Community” for our disabled students to organise amongst each other and with other university students continue.

How can we make use of the Help Desk For the Disabled ?

We invite all our students and personnel who wish to contribute to our disabled students reaching an “undisabled life”. Our office is in the Mediko building 2nd floor.

You can forward your questions and suggestions to ebdgazi@gmail.com